2107 N Wayne St


CPC Angola has been renting since the ministry began over 30 years ago. We have moved several times since those early days in Orland, each time occupying a space that soon became too small for this growing ministry. In 2020 we began praying and searching for a "home" for the Angola offices. One and half years later we are confident - and yes, excited - that in answer to those prayers, God has provided a new place for us! Now - it's time to share this mission with you - a mission to prepare a place for CPC that the LORD will build for us.



The purchase price of the new building is $180,000. Yes, you can take a breath - we just did, too. Based on other comp prices for property in this area on Wayne Street, we know we received a wonderful deal. We are planning on putting $20,000 down on the property, giving us a mortgage of $160,00. Our mortgage, through Farmer's State Bank, will leave us with a monthly payment of just a few dollars over $1,000. Our current monthly rent is $1625. This mortgage payment, when compared with our rent, will leave us with the already budgeted amount of $625 which we will use to pay for utilities. We need to protect our current operating budget while raising the funds we need to complete the purchase and improve the property to meet the needs of CPC.


For decades, God's people, from all walks of life and from churches throughout many communities, have faithfully supported CPC with generous donations and gifts. As we move forward with this project, we want to first ask you all to pray for us. Yes, we need your financial gifts and your willingness to roll up your sleeves and swing a hammer or a paint brush, but first and foremost, we need your prayers. We also ask that you consider how you may partner with us to help us meet the financial burden of completing this build. Here's a general plan for Phase 1 of this project, Spring and Summer, 2021:


Raise $20,000 to repay the budget for the down payment money.


$5,000.00 for addition of a toilet and other plumbing needs.


$5,000.00 for remodel of the medical suite


$5,000.00 for remodeling the existing first floor


$ 5,000.00 for flooring


$ 5,000.00 for exterior (sign, parking lot lines, landscaping).


$ 5,000.00 for permits, paying licensed contractors when needed.


$ 5,000.00 for emergency needs.


$ 5,000.00 for "seed money" to start paying down the mortgage.



Come grow with us!

We don't know how God will use to provide these funds, or who He will call to join us in completing this project. But one thing we do know, where God leads, He provides. We know without a doubt that we are in the fight of our lives as we battle the enemies of LIFE, the proponents of the death culture that is rapidly taking the lives of so many preborn children. We KNOW that when God opens a door, it cannot be closed, and when He closes a door, it cannot be opened (Revelation 3:7-8). We also KNOW that we serve a God who lead His people through parted waters, stood with three young men of faith in the midst of a fiery furnace, and closed the mouths of hungry lions in order to save the life of His faithful servant and prove Himself, once again, to be the faithful and mighty God we serve today. We are already thanking Him for what He has done and will do to protect and grow the ministry of Compassion in the counties of

LaGrange and Angola.


So come grow with us. Give as you can to enable this ministry to expand, grow, and thrive. These last 14 months have been discouraging, trying, and often times a source of doubt. But through it all, our doors remained open and we were ready and able to meet the needs of those who visited our centers, asked for curb side diaper delivery, sought an ultrasound, or just needed someone to be there to listen. "For Such a Time as This" God has placed each of us right where we are and He has awesome plans for the days ahead. You are in our prayers as we all continue together to seek God's will to be done.


We'll be sharing more information in the days ahead, along with schedules of work days, specific needs, and finally, the day we move into our new "home". God bless you, and thank you for your support of Compassion Pregnancy Centers.

Architectural Plans
Painting Wall
Construction Workers


to give

  • Call the Angola CPC office to let them know of any construction skills you may have and that you're available to volunteer.

  • Talk with your churches, small groups, business partners, and other supporters of life, to let them know about this project and discuss ways you could all serve together.

  • Check with CPC to learn of specific donations of materials that you might be able to supply.

  • Consider giving a monetary donation. We're praying for Foundation Builders who would be able to give larger gifts right away to jump start the process. But however you can give, we will be grateful for your support and generosity.

  • Be creative! Lend you decorating expertise, volunteer to weed the existing front "flower bed" (Flowerbed is being used quite generously in this situation!). Check in with the office and get ideas for serving that you may not have thought about.

  • Initiate a fund raising event for the center - a garage sale, cook out, etc.

  • Help CPC pack up its existing offices, and do any repairs that are required by our landlord.

  • Lend a hand on moving day. We'll need lots of help!