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[Original size] Celebrate Life! (6 × 4 in) (5.5 × 4.25 in) copy.png

Save the Date and plan to join us for this

celebration of life - our first fund-raising event since Roe was overturned.

You will hear from our staff, volunteers, clients, and community leaders as we prepare to move forward

during this exciting time in the pro-life movement.

Tickets are $25.00/person

(This will help to cover the cost of your meal;  buffet dinner catered by Blue Gate Restaurant.)

Attendance limited to 250 Adults

Doors open at 6:15

For more information or to register to attend contact CPC:

260-668-7773  or  260-463-7377

In order to plan our seating, please register guests who you wish to be with you at your table.

All tables seat 8.

Because of the nature and purpose of this event, we ask that only adults attend.

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