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Educational Programs


CPC's Parenting Program

is an educational program that guides men and women from pregnancy through parenting, all the while earning "merits" that can be used to purchase needed items from our 


From conception to potty training, teething to tantrums, our Parenting Program will help you navigate the exciting waters of parenting from the minute you hear that first heartbeat until your child turns 3 (three).


is the online shareable version of our popular Parenting Program. Brightcourse Virtual offers us the ability to email lessons to our clients who are unable to make it to our offices for their regularly scheduled appointments.

It also allows us to offer all lessons in Spanish to our ever-growing number of hispanic clients. Although is does not replace our weekly time with you, it provides ongoing learning experiences when our offices must be closed, or when clients cannot come to us.


Material Support


The Baby Shower is CPC's material support program for those who participate regularly in our EWYL program. New cribs, carseats, strollers, clothing, diapers, layette items, etc. are all available for "purchase" using merits that are earned by attending a consulting class, completing homework assignments, and participating in lesson discussions.


Some parents who need material support, but decide to opt out of our weekly program, can use our Resource Room once a month to receive a specified number of gently used items: diapers, clothing, coats, blankets, shoes/boots, sleepers, onesies, and other miscellaneous items. Parents may use this resource until their child turns 3. 

Dad's Coaching

Dad's Parenting Program

Using our BrightCourse curriculum, CPC guides our dads, and dads-to-be, through lessons that prepare them for childbirth,  parenting, and partnering  with their child's mother in healthy and respectful relationships. Our dads receive all the benefits of our educational program.

Dad's Support Group

CPC is looking forward to adding this unique outreach to dads. This will be a  group session lead by a dad who's goal is to challenge fathers to love, lead, and fight for their families. This class will be free and will be offered at our Angola Center. For more information and for class dates, contact CPC at


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