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Pregnant and you don't know what to do?
Whether it's an unplanned or planned pregnancy,
we can help you!

Pregnancy testing

preg test.png

Your first step is to verify your pregnancy. We offer free confidential pregnancy testing, and we will offer you a free STI test at that time.

CPC uses medical grade pregnancy testing that is 99% accurate as early as 7-10 days after conception.



We offer FREE limited, first trimester

ultrasounds. Our certified nurses will conduct an ultrasound that will confirm your pregnancy.

 Ultrasounds assist in determining a viable pregnancy and 

gestational age.

All ultrasounds are reviewed  by our medical director.


We provide referrals depending on your needs. Our relationship with the community allows us to refer you to resources that can be a help to you and your family. 



We are prepared to address many issues with our clients and answer their questions relating to sex, STD’s, and pregnancy.

Our medical personnel offer information on abortion, adoption, and parenting, using science and medically verified educational resources and community referrals.

We do not refer for abortions or provide contraceptives.

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